MSJ Traffic Plan

Alternate Driving Routes during MSJHS Traffic Period

In order to avoid unnecessary congestion during the heavy traffic period at Mission San Jose High School, we encourage you to take the following alternative routes. Please try your best to avoid any left turns and remember that U-turns are illegal on Palm Ave. For our students’ safety, please do not block the crosswalks.
Alternative Routes for Southbound Palm Ave Traffic:
1. Turn right on Bedford Street (or Wisteria Dr. then Bedford St), then
a. Left on Covington Dr. to Paseo Padre Pkwy
b. Right on Covington Dr., then left on Chiltern Dr. to Driscoll Rd.
2. Continue on Palm Ave, to Washington Blvd.
a. Left on Washington Blvd to Mission Blvd.
b. Right on Washington Blvd to Paseo Padre Pkwy or 680.
Alternative Routes for Northbound Palm Ave Traffic to get to Mission Blvd:
  1. Turn right on Via San Miguel, then right on Camino Santa Barbara, to Mission Blvd.
  2. Turn right on Camino Santa Barbara, then left on Via San Gabriel, then left on Via San Dimas.
Thanks for your cooperation!
The MSJHS Crossing Guard Team