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    Vista is the only non-charter, independent study school serving 7-12 grade students in the Fremont Unified School District. Students are referred to Vista through their home school or through the Student Support Services Department of the Fremont Unified School District. Referrals to Vista are screened by the Department Chairperson, counselor, and the Principal to determine if the placement is appropriate. Students must have the skills necessary to succeed in such a course of study. The Department Chairperson, counselor, and Principal analyze student test scores, previous grades, and attendance patterns to help make this determination. Vista is not an appropriate school for students who have poor academic skills or who are seriously credit deficient.

    Often, students who attend Vista are those who participate in a major activity outside of school, students who feel uncomfortable in a traditional setting, who are bullied, harassed, or otherwise struggle socially, often find their niche at Vista.

    Who attends Vista Alternative School?
    The student body consists of young people, who because of unusual responsibilities or personal problems, find that the alternative school program more effectively meets their needs.

    How do I enroll at Vista Alternative School?
    Students are eligible to transfer voluntarily to Vista Alternative School from any of the five comprehensive high schools through the following procedure:
    A referral form is completed and signed by an administrator from the student's home school.
    The student and a parent/guardian must attend a Vista orientation prior to attending classes.

    Summer Enrollment for the fall 2017-18 school year. Students can make an appointment with Mr. Bailey, the Director of Student Support Services for fall placement. Please contact the Department at 510 657-2350 ext. 12614

    What are the graduation requirements for Vista Alternative School?
    The graduation requirements consist of successful completion of 200 high school credits. The mandatory core curriculum classes that must be completed are identical to the comprehensive high school with exception of 30 elective credits.


    English 40 credits
    Math 30 credits
    Social Science 30 credits
    Science 20 credits
    P.E. 20 credits
    Fine Arts 10 credits
    Computer Operations   5 credits
    Health   5 credits
    Electives 45 credits

    Vista Alternative School Course Syllabus

    In order to have a successful time in school, it is important for students to understand appropriate behavior and academic expectations. Students will be required to attend class twice per week from 8:15 AM – 2:00 PM either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. There will be teacher instruction, group discussion, and group activities, so your support and effort is needed to ensure that each class is productive and pleasant. Please be on time, respect everyone, and actively participate.

    Earning Credits:
    5 credits are earned for completing assignments and earning an average of 60% or better on quizzes and tests. In addition, students need to have a minimum of 75% course participation to earn 5 credits. Participation is not just being present; it also means being engaged in learning. Students who do not earn a minimum of 60% on the work OR do not have a minimum of 75% participation will NOT receive 5 credits. They will have 0 credits and an F grade. NO partial credit is earned!


    Grade Breakdown

    Grading Scale

    Grade Earned

    20 % Homework

    100%- 90%


    20 % Classwork and Participation

    89%- 80%


    60 % Tests and Quizzes







    Below 60%



    Homework- 20% of overall grade
    Homework will be due at the next class time. Math work should always be done neatly in pencil, always showing all the work. Essays are to be typed or written neatly in pen. Essays that are assigned must be done in order to pass the class. If you get a poor score on your homework, you can re-do it and turn it in to raise your score. If there is an excused absence, you will be allowed to make up the homework you missed. If there is an unexcused absence, the late homework will be accepted for only 50% credit. Late homework will not be accepted after the related test is given.

    Classwork and Participation- 20% of overall grade
    Students are expected to come to class on time and participate in the in-class assignments and activities. Students will be expected to participate in discussions and work with each other during the class time.

    Tests and Quizzes- 60% of overall grade
    If you get below 70% on a test, you may correct all the errors and raise your grade up to 70% If you are absent when a test is given, you may make it up before or after school. Failure to make up a test results in a grade of Zero.


    Vista Staff Contact Information
    Salvador Herrera, Principal
    (510) 657-9155
    Ext. 49105
    Amy Perez, Vice-Principal
    (510) 657-9155
    Ext. 49111

    Greg Popst, Teacher
    (510) 657-7028
    Ext. 49226
    Monday and Wednesday
    8 am- 2:30 pm

    Thalia Krahling, Teacher
    (510) 657-7028
    Ext. 49024
    Monday – Thursday

    8:02 am- 2:32 pm
    Colette Moran-Medina, Teacher
    (510) 657-7028
    Ext. 49227
    Monday - Thursday
    8:02am - 2:32 pm

    Xenia Renholts, Teacher
    (510) 657-7028
    Ext. 49218
    Monday - Thursday
    8:02 am – 2:32 pm

    Renee Swayze, Department Chair
    (510) 657-7028
    Ext. 49217
    Monday – Thursday

    8:02 am – 2:32 pm
    Delilah Hinojoza-Rood, Secretary
    (510) 657-9155
    Ext. 49101
    VACANT, School Clerk
    (510) 657-7028
    Ext. 49110
    Mary Barrs, Attendance
    (510) 657-9155
    Ext. 49104


    Sarah Wilson, Registrar
    (510) 657-9155
    Ext. 49113