Fremont Unified School District and Ohlone College Ohlone Connections Instructor: Chris Snyder

    email: csnyder@fremontk12.ca.us
    phone: 510-659-6287

    Ohlone Connections Counselor: Ivy Lee

    email: dlee@fremontk.12.ca.us
    phone: (510) 657-3600, Ext. 37248


    Students will take the following 6 high school courses to complete their graduation requirements:
    Expository Reading & Writing (ERWC)
    U.S. Government
    You & The Law
    Literature, Justice & Society
    Humanities 12

    To learn more about the Ohlone Connections Program, please contact Mrs. Todoroff directly or view this presentation (pdf).

    Ohlone Connections Program, a partnership between the Fremont Unified School District and Ohlone College.

    Staff and administration will attempt to:

    • Provide a safe and welcoming environment for learning and personal growth
    • Provide curriculum and activities that will prepare students for high school graduation, college, and personal success
    • Expect quality work and behavior from students
    • Encourage students to take advantage of the service and to participate in the activities at Ohlone College
    • Treat students and their parents with respect

    Ohlone Connections Program Students are expected to:

    • Take their studies seriously and do their best academically, maintaining a minimum 2.0 G.P.A.
    • Attend all classes following FUSDs and Ohlone Colleges attendance policies
    • Respect all students, teachers, and staff and the property of others
    • Obey all the school rules and regulations of FUSD and Ohlone College
    • Develop habits that will help them succeed in high school and college
    • Ask for personal and academic help in areas that give them difficulty
    • Accept responsibility for their actions
    • Not bring or use weapons, drugs, alcohol or other dangerous or harmful items or substances to the Ohlone campus. Students will not abuse any substance while enrolled in the program

    Students should understand that violation of the rules and standards of conduct may result in their being dismissed from the program.

    Parents/Guardians are expected to:

    • Provide a safe and supportive home environment. Check in with their students to review their progress
    • Have high expectations for their students attendance and academic progress
    • Read all information from school and respond quickly when necessary