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    2017-18 Bell Schedule Green

    Please be safe as you cross streets and drop off your children at school. Remember the white zone is for loading and unloading passengers. All Kinder and TK students should be accompanied by a parent to their classrooms. Please park on the street or in visitor parking spaces only. 


  • Principal's Message


    Dear Harvey Green Families,

    It was good to meet so many of you during Parent Conferences before Thanksgiving Break. We all returned rejuvenated and ready to finish the year strong.

    However, many students and staff are getting very sick lately with cold and flu symptoms. If your child has a fever or excessive coughing and sneezing, please keep them home to recover so that they don’t spread the virus! In the event that your child vomits at school, they will also be sent home per school health policy. Since the weather can vary from very cold in the 40s in the morning to warm in the 60s in the afternoons, please be sure to dress your child in layers that are labeled. They often shed their jackets and leave them behind.

    I want to thank parents for your effort at getting your children to school on time. We had 245 students receive perfect attendance this first trimester. Remember, in order to get this award, your child has to be on time every day to school. That means that they are in line, ready to enter the school building before 8:30 a.m. for grades 1-6.

    As our neighboring counties continue to suffer from the wildfires, we remember to be grateful for our homes and just the basic needs we have. This year seems to have been unusually eventful in natural disasters, and for some young children, it is a cause for anxiety. Please talk to your child about safety and emergency procedures, but also remember to calm their fears about natural disasters.

    This month, we look forward to seeing you at the Cookies and Cocoa with Santa event on December 15.  Have a wonderful holiday season, and we shall see you in 2018!

    Sincerely, Clara Lee, Principal



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