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Fremont Unified School District's Special Education Department

The Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of all eligible students with disabilities who reside within the district. Approximately 4,000 students or 12% of the district's total number of students are identified as students with special needs.  Each student who qualifies for special education has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)with a set of services that are uniquely designed to meet the individual needs of that student.

To receive special education services a student must meet the eligibility criteria established by Federal and State laws. School are directed, to the greatest extent possible, to provide the accommodations necessary for all students to be able to access and achieve in general education settings.   Sometimes the needs of a student are so great that they require special education services to access their educational programs. 

Eligible students are provided a free and appropriate educational program (FAPE) in the least restrictive environment (LRE). Services are available to identified individuals from birth through the age of twenty-one, who exhibit one or more of the following disabling conditions:
    • Blind
    • Deaf
    • Specific learning disability
    • Autism
    • Traumatic brain injury
    • Orthopedically impaired
    • Multiple disabilities
    • Intellectual disability
    • Other health impaired
    • Speech  language impairment
    • Emotionally disturbed
    • Deaf blind

What should I do if I suspect my child has a disability?

 It is the  obligation of all school districts is to seek out, locate and evaluate students suspected of having disabilities.  

As part of our district wide effort to identify students who may be eligible for special education services you are encouraged to contact your local school and discuss your concerns about your child's learning. For preschool aged children contact Glankler Early Learning Center at (510) 651-1100.  All students must verify residency in the district before assessment is considered.

 When a student is referred for services typically parents will be asked to come to a student study team meeting at the school site to discuss concerns and explore ways to support the student.  If the learning needs are severe or it is clear that the needs cannot be met without specialized academic instruction then your child is formally referred for special education services and an assessment will take place by a multi-disciplinary team.  The team should assess in all areas of suspected disability. Before any assessment takes place you will be provided an assessment plan.  Once you sign the assessment plan the IEP team has 60 calendar days to complete the assessment.
Once the assessment is completed, a meeting is scheduled, the results are shared and it is determined whether your child meets the eligibility criteria for special services.  If a student is found to be in need of special services then the IEP team, with parent input, develops goals and determines the set of services needed to address the goals. 

Last Modified on January 17, 2017