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Medications at School

 District policy is very clear about medications: all prescription drugs AND all over-the-counter drugs/medications must be kept in the school office.  This includes, but is not limited to: inhalers (for asthma or other needs), epi-pens, antibiotics, asprin / Tylenol / ibuprophen, ointments or creams, cough or cold medicines, cough drops, chap stick, etc. 

If your student needs to take medications of any kind, please come to the school office to pick up the required form.  You, your doctor and the principal will all sign this form which will be kept with the medication in the office.  The office staff will administer the medications to your student and will log when the medications are given.  Without the form signed by the doctor, we cannot administer the medications to your student. 

Be aware that any medications discovered in the possession of your student will be confiscated immediately and he/she will not be able to take these medications.  The student’s parent/guardian will be required to come retrieve such confiscated medicines from the school office.