Flyer Distribution
Requests for flyer distribution should be handled by each of the school sites.
If you are seeking to distribute flyers, please print and fill out the Flyer Distribution Request form and take it with you to the school(s) you wish to distribute. Addresses and contact information for schools. Use 
Here are some guidelines to help you when you receive flyers or request to distribute them:
  • Flyers from the City of Fremont or the Recreation Department, the Fremont Education Foundation and the Alameda County Libraries are allowed and automatically approved. Please provide them with the number of classes and how many per class so they can send you the flyers bundled for distribution.
  • Flyer requests will NOT be processed the first or last two weeks of the school year.  At the start and end of each school year, a great deal  information is sent home to students and parents.  For this reason, we will not put outside information through the schools at these times. 
  • Only information from non-profit organizations is allowed to be sent through the schools. 
  • No approvals will be granted for activities (tutoring, music lessons, art instruction, etc.) that take place in a private residence. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Flyer approval does NOT constitute an endorsement from FUSD.
  • Each individual school decides how they will distribute flyers. The school site decides if they would like flyers for each student, for teachers only, or a few for the front office.
  • Your organization is responsible for printing and bundling flyers as well as distributing to schools.  The District and school sites are unable to do this for you.
  • Flyer distribution requests can be denied at any time.  This is true even if your organization has been approved in the past. 

PLEASE NOTE: Guidelines
If an organization does not follow the guidelines, the organization will no longer be able to send flyers through the schools.
Last Modified on May 3, 2016