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Congratulations to the MSJE Science Olympiad Team 

science olympiad  

At the Science Olympiad Tournament held March 21 on the East Bay campus, MSJE had 4 medals awarded for their efforts: The following students were awarded medals for their presentations: 

1st prize medal: Bottle Rocket :  Karthikha SI./ Thiviya SI.

4th prize medal: Bridge Building: Vedant S./ Anish K.

4th prize medal: Road Scholar: Alice Z. / Eric Z.

4th Prize medal:  Robo-Cross:  Divyanshu S./Sujay R. 

As a team, MSJE finished in 10th place among 19 school teams. 

 MSJE Chess Shines at National Open


Individual Championship

U10 Girls - National Champion - Annapoorni M.

U10 Boys - National Champion - Rishith S.

Team Championships

U10 Boys - 1st Place Team

                 RISHITH S.    
                   KEVIN P.      
                   ATUL T.

U10 Girls - 1st Place Team

                 ANNAPOORNI M.     
                    SHREE J.      
                    NIVEDHA M.

U8 Boys - 1st Place Team

              ARNAV L.  
                 VAIBHAV W. 
                 Vasudeva R.

U8 Girls - 2nd Place Team

                ALLYSON W.     
                  NITYASRI K.     
                  JOLENE L.

U12 Boys - 2nd Place Team

                JAISURAJ K.   
                   JEFFREY L.    
                   ABHINAV R.

MSJE Science Bowl Contenders
Science bowl  SB2

At the recent California Middle School Science Bowl tournament held in Livermore, MSJE took on all challengers and finished fourth place losing in the semi-finals to Hopkins Junior High. Hopkins eventually won the tournament. The team had been practicing since summer and their hard work paid off with a great showing. Team members include:  Abhitha, Ajay, Anish, Arul, Srinjoy, and Vedant.

2015 Science Fair Awards

                          1st                       2nd                  3rd 

Kindergarten   Nathan C.        Varesh B.             Alaina T.

1st Grade         Rohan G.          Krish A.               Vivid G.

2nd Grade      Arushi S.           Aiden M.              Andrea D.

3rd Grade      Ananya S.          Arushi D.              Ishan G.

4th Grade       Saira H.             Brian L.                Viraj M.

5th Grade      Mythri K.          Ansh G.                 Devki A.

6th Grade    Tvisha S.          Himanshu S.      Melia P./Claire Z.


Campus Visitors

Student safety is our number one concern.  In an effort to ensure a safe environment for our students, ALL VISITORS MUST CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE, SIGN IN, AND WEAR A VISITOR’S BADGE WHILE ON CAMPUS.   Please do not sign out ahead of time. This is for your safety.  All staff is trained to question any adult they see on campus during school hours without a visitor’s badge.  This is for the protection of your student.  Please help us keep our children safe by following these guidelines.





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