Harvey Green Library

        Mrs. Willer, LMT
 ph:  510-656-6438 x 41315
           Library Hours:
          Monday -Tuesday - Thursday 8:15 to 3:00
                closed Wednesday and Friday 

Join us as we accelerate!
Students are reading & testing with Accelerated Reading quizzes.
Volunteers are always needed to help in the library!
Scholastic Bookfair  
Birthday Book Club
Looking for a way to celebrate your child's birthday that is healthy, easy, and benefits the school? Our Library is starting a Birthday Book Club program. For a $10 donation, a book will be purchased in your child's name., Or you may order it on the Green Library Amazon wish list prior to your child's birthday. He or she will be the first to check it out, and then it will become part of our library collection. Your child's name will be on a bookplate inside the book. This is a great way to support the school and celebrate your child for years to come. Contact Sherry Willer, LMT, if you have questions.
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