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Substitute Teaching
Currently accepting applications for Substitute Teacher, school year 2014-2015.
Cover Letter & Salary Schedule
Cover Letter for Substitute Teacher K-12
Substitute Teacher Application
Substitute Teacher K-12, provides classroom instructions by following teacher's written lesson plans, plans work assignments, promotes teamwork and helps staff to successfully accomplish delegated duties.  Please see Substitute Teacher Posting for additional details. 
Substitute Teacher PostingSubstitute Teacher K-12 Job Post and Job Description
 - Provide copies of:  
      * CBEST Results 
      * Official Transcripts from BA/BS and beyond 
      * Valid California Credential or Emergency Sub Permit (if you have one)
      * 2 Current Letters of Reference
      * 2 Professional Contacts for Reference Checking (list on application)
      * Current/Updated Resume'
*If ALL of the above documents are not provided, you will not be considered for employment
- Return the above to:
       Fremont Unified School District 
       Human Resources Department
       4210 Technology Drive
       Fremont, CA 94538 
 Emergency Substitute application steps:
-You MUST be a current Fremont Unified School District Substitute Teacher.
- Fill out the Official Emergency Substitute Teacher Application (available below).
Emergency Substitute Teacher  School year 2014-2015.  Posting and Job Description.  
Salary Schedule - Effective 7/1/14                                                   Hourly                  Daily
Day to Day Substitute Teacher Rate   $ 26.99                $ 161.94
Long Term Substitute Teacher Rate                   
*Effective on the 11th day of the consecutive assignment and retro to the first day of that assignment.
   $ 34.45                $ 206.73
Open/Close Substitute Teacher Rate                                       
* Open - First 10 Days of School/ Close- Last 10 Days of School
   $ 34.45                $ 206.73
Emergency Substitute Team Rate   $ 34.45                $ 206.73
Cumulative Incentive Pay Schedule 
.5-60 Day
60.5-120 Days
*Rates shown on this schedule are not necessarily the exact figures contained in the automated payroll systems due to rounding. Rates shown are for general information, not for precise pay purposes.
Last Modified on August 28, 2014