The WHS  Multimedia Art Academy is a state funded California Partnership Academy, a three-year program  (grades ten through twelve ) structured as a school-within-a-school. In the academy, we are striving to create a close family-like atmosphere, integrating academic and career technical education, and establishing viable business partnerships. Emphasis is placed on student achievement and postsecondary outcomes. Key components of the Academy model are:

INTERDISCIPLINARY CURRICULUM focused on a career theme (Multimedia/Art/Design) and coordinated with related academic classes.
VOLUNTARY student selection process that identifies interested ninth graders. Students express interest in the program which is followed by a conversation with the academy coordinator and academy assigned administrator in order to make sure the MMA is a good fit.
TEAM OF TEACHERS who work together to plan and deliver interdisciplinary curriculum and implement the overall program

MOTIVATIONAL ACTIVITIES with  private sector involvement to encourage academic and occupational preparation, such as: integrated and project-based curriculum, mentor program, classroom speakers, field trips, and exploration of postsecondary and career options.

WORKPLACE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES such as job shadowing, student internships/mentoring, and work experience.

The Garden, Arielle Ramos               MMA Academy Student Work The Egg, Lovejit Kharod
Academy Coordinator: 
Todd  Elkin
Academy Administrator:
Jeff Speckels 
Tenth Grade MMA Teachers
Todd Elkin, Academy Art 1
Monica Sullivan, World History
Jesse MccGrath, English 10
Eleventh Grade MMA Teachers
Barbara Boissevain, Digital Imaging
Coulter Rigdon, US History
Brynn Osicka, English 11
12th Grade MMA Teacher 
Todd Elkin, AP Studio Art
Coulter Rigdon, Government/Econ
Leila Granahan, English 12