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Mattos School Site Council 2012-2013



School Site Council: SSC   The purpose of SSC is to oversee the school programs that include the curriculum and best instructional practices.  This group made up of the principal, parents, and teachers ensures that the needs of every student are met.  The SSC monitor the Single Plan for Pupil Achievement (SPPA) Plan.  This group also oversees the spending of the School and Library Improvement Block Grant (SLIBG),which is a budget received annually from the state of California.

Single Plan for Pupil Achievement:  SPPA  This plan is developed to make sure there is ongoing improvement of our school.  The plan is written specifically for Mattos on an annual basis to reflect the needs of all of our current students. It is available on the district website.

Who is the SSC?  The SSC is made up of an equal number of parents and staff members.  Parents are elected by parents and staff members by the staff.  At Mattos, we have five parents or community members, three teachers, one classified staff member, and the principal.  These members represent the entire school community.

SSC meetings take place 6-7 times per academic school year.  At each meeting, a significant part of the school program is presented to the group.  The budget is focused upon at the meetings to ensure that we are spending money based on the goals that are written in the SPPA Plan.

School Site Council Meetings are 3:10-4:10 pm in the Staff Room.

SSC Executive Board 2012-2013 (Please add the names later)

Helen Juarez, Parent Representative

Wanda Conner, Parent Representative

Trisha Francis, Parent Representative

Riffat Hague, Parent Representative

TBA, Parent Representative

Tammy Eglinton, Principal

Sylvia Ghaith, Classified Representative

Jim McLeod, Teacher Representative

Farah Moayer, Teacher Representative

Paulette Goldfisher, Teacher Representative