Career and Transitions Center

Welcome to the:  CTC-ESL

Career and College Transitions Center (CTC)
for ESL Students

At Fremont Adult and Continuing Education (www.face.edu)

Contact:  *Lisa Braley - CTC ESL Advisor
Address: Room 18, 4700 Calaveras Ave., Fremont, CA 94538
Hours: 12:30 - 2:00 
Days: Fall (Sept to Dec) Tuesdays / Spring (Jan to May) Wednesdays 
Schedule:  TBD (For Free Presentations on Important Education Topics)
(Pre-Registration NOT needed)  

What Transitions are YOU Interested in?
Do you Need Help to Create your Pathway to Success?
About 2-3 hours a week, FACE students can access a small center on campus active to provide counseling & information including group presentations to help students plan transition pathways in work and education. 
Student Pathways Survey:
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Education Transitions may include:

  • Gaining academic skills in ABE (Adult Basic Education)
  • Getting a General Education Development (GED) Diploma
  • Choosing a High School Program
  • Self-assessment and strengthening higher education success skills
  • Post-high school planning and deciding on college certificates or majors
  • Understanding admissions process, financial aid, and other College/University documents

Career Transitions may include:

  • Preparing employment documents and learning how to get a job
  • Evaluating your hard and soft employment skill needs
  • Getting a job, or getting a better job
  • Making a decision about a career
  • Vocational, training and re-training opportunities
  • Accessing and understanding nearby resources
  • Creating a resume or completing a job application
  • Upgrading skills or retraining, reinventing yourself on a new career path
If you are a business, training, education or non-profit agency contact interested in partnering with the school, you may also contact:  (Principal) or Tracey Levy (Vice-Principal). 


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