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Board Policies

Board Policies

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE The basic Board policies and general administrative regulations of the Fremont Unified School District are presented in this handbook. Specific rules and regulations for implementing these policies and procedures are printed in other District publications as they are developed by the various divisions, departments, and branches. The policies and regulations have been organized into nine topic areas, each of which has been assigned a topical reference series of numbers as follows:


To locate a policy or procedure concerning a specific item, turn to the Table of Contents at the beginning of the series within which the item would be classified. The Tables of Contents list chapters, parts, and sections and assign to each item a topical code reference number. Instead of page numbers, the series reference numbers are listed in the upper right-hand corner of each page. Although the items and pages are listed in numerical order, some numbers in the series have been left out to allow for insertion of additional or new information.

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Last Modified on July 29, 2014