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Yearbook Course Description

Course Description

Students in this class will be members of the yearbook production staff.  The course is designed to expose the student to the skills of photography, journalism and page production, and to assist him/her in acquiring the responsible attitude necessary to meet the demands of a production schedule and a publication deadline.  Students will work in teams to complete a 152-page yearbook ON TIME!


Discipline Standards

1.        Be prompt! 

2.       Be polite!

3.       Be productive!



Your grade will be based on the following categories:

50% Deadline

50% Page Production (includes photography and reporting)



In order to get the job done, you will be required to attend some after school games, events and dances.  However, students should be able to get the majority of their work done in class if they stay on task.  If you have a digital camera at home that you would be willing to bring in occasionally to take photos that would be helpful.  I do have cameras that are available on a checkout basis.  You are responsible for any camera you check out.