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Hello ! Welcome to Oliveira's Policies, Codes & Rules!

 Oliveira Community 15-16
Oliveira's "Uniform Policy" is on hold for the year 15-16. This year the Oliveira community will have a chance to re-vote and establish clear guidelines as to the expectations of a dress code. Please be on the look out for updates.
Dress and Grooming
Each school’s administration has the final determination on issues of dress and grooming. Students must dress in a manner which supports a safe environment for learning. Dress which is disruptive or contrary to school rules, including but not limited to apparel and/or accessories which depict drugs, alcohol, weapons, violence, and/or gangs is not permitted.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times: No boots of any kind (rainboots allowed only on rainy days), flip flops, open toed or ankle strapless shoes, high heels, steel capped shoes or wheelies.
  • Students must wear clothing that covers the shoulder (cap sleeve or T-shirt length), torso, stomach, midriff, mid-thigh and buttocks.
  • No sagging or bagging of pants is permitted.
  • ALL undergarments must be covered completely at all times, no see-through clothing allowed.
  • Students may not wear clothing advertising or displaying hatred or discriminatory words or pictures on the grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or ethnicity.
  • Students may not wear hats during instructional time, but may wear articles of sun-protective clothing, including hats for outdoor use. (BP 5132)
  • Students may not wear clothing which has been deemed by local law enforcement or other experts to be gang-related, or affiliated with any groups that promote hatred or discrimination towards any race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, or religion.
  • Students are prohibited from wearing “colors” and/or artifacts, or display gestures which represent or display drug, weapon, or any kind of membership or affiliation with any gangs, including but not limited to, clothes, belts, shoelaces, jewelry, emblems, badges, symbols, bandanas, or sashes.
Oliveira's Dress Code 14-15
Click here for Policy & Guidelines-- this includes style & color details.
Some shopping stores/sites for separates that meet the dress code:
Target, Walmart, JCPenney, Sears, Kohl's
A volunteer parent has organized and staffs the "The Oliveira Closet"  - located in the Oliveira School courtyard to support families who need gently used, sometimes new, dress code appropriate pieces. Hours are posted in the window. 
Please consider donating dress code acceptable pieces your child has outgrown if they are still in good condition. Contact the office if you can give 4-5 hours a month of volunteer time.
Oliveira Dress Code Policy began Sept. 2, 2009.  Our policy was created by staff and parents following FUSD guidelines and requirements.  Open meetings were held to gather information and make decisions on acceptable and unacceptable choices for a dress code at Oliveira.
Lots of combinations are possible--layers work well in our foggy mornings and warm afternoons.
Make sure students wear tennis shoes or running shoes for PE and recess play, boots are not acceptable for safety reasons!
You will find a large array of choices and colors to make it very easy for your child to comply and join 730+ students to dress like a scholarly Oliveira student--becoming college eligible and career ready.