Welcome to Federal and State Programs
Our Mission Statement:
Federal and State Programs focuses on student success by collaborating with families, educators, and members of the community to meet learners' individual needs.
Director: Christie Rocha, Ed.D.
Staff Secretary III: Amber Aguilar 
CELDT/Language Assessment Center   Federal & State Programs
               District Office - Room 124                                 District Office - Room 250              
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.   7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Phone: 510.659.2564   Phone:  510.659.2531
Fax:  510.659.2554   Fax:  510.659.2532
Program Manager
Sue Kessler
Dr. Christie Rocha 
  Induction Program  Native American Program
 District Office - Room 250  Adult School - Room 20
 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  1:00 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
 Phone: 510-659-2527  Phone: 510.797.2681 
 Fax: 510-659-2532 Fax:  510.797.7869 
Kristina Najarro
  Program Manager 
Sue Kessler
Contact Information:  510.659.2531  
Christie Rocha, Director, extension 12631
Amber Aguilar, Staff Secretary III, extension 12302
Beverly Taub, Program Manager, extension 12607
Christina Arroyo, Program Manager, extension 12650
Sue Kessler, Program Manager, extension 12319
 Other Contacts:
 Amanda Alexander
Amanda Alexander, Office Assistant III
CELDT and Language Assessment Center 
ext. 12374 
 Amber Aguilar
Amber Aguilar, Staff Secretary III
Federal & State Programs 
ext. 12302
Ana Esquivel, Staff Secretary II
Preschool Programs
ext. 12355 
Angela Ekman, Data Technician   
CELDT and Language Assessment Center 
ext. 12606 
Beverly Taub,Ph.DProgram Manager
Preschool Programs
 Christie Rocha
ext. 12631
 Christina Arroyo  
Christina Arroyo, Program Manager
Migrant Program
Spanish Dual Immersion Program
Title I Program
Private School Liaison
ext. 12650 
 Elizabeth Suarez-Puno
Elizabeth Suarez-Puno, Community Liaison
Migrant Program
 Coming Soon
Isabel Vera, Community Liaison
Preschool Programs 
ext. 12354
 Jackie Servin  
Jackie Servin, Language Technician
CELDT & Language Assessment Center
ext. 12376
 Jessica Jennings
Jessica Jennings, Teacher on Special Assignment
Secondary English Learners
ext. 12226
Karyn Booth
Karyn Booth, Office Assistant III
Induction and PAR
ext. 12311
 Kristina Najarro
Kristina Najarro, Induction Coordinator
ext. 12621
 Kristina Yamin
Kristina Yamin, Teacher on Special Assignment
ext. 12318 
 Leticia Fernandez
Leticia Fernandez, Office Assistant III
Mandarin Dual Immersion Program
Prop 49: After School Education & Safety Program 
ext. 12633
 Leticia Villarreal
Leticia Villarreal, Senior Language Technician
CELDT & Language Assessment Center
ext. 12373
Lucy Lay
Lucy Lay, Teacher on Special Assignment
Immersion Programs
ext. 12222
 Maria Stoneking
Maria Stoneking, Staff Secretary II
Spanish Dual Immersion Program
GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design)
ext. 12603
 Mehar Zulfiqar
Mehar ZulfiqarLanguage Technician
CELDT & Language Assessment Center
ext. 12375
 Michelle Liu
Michelle Liu, Language Technician
CELDT & Language Assessment Center
ext. 12377
 Ruth Moncada
Ruth Moncada, Community Liaison
ext. 12303
Sharmila Balasubramanyan
Sharmila Balasubramanyan, Account Clerk
Preschool Programs 
ext. 12351
 Coming Soon
Sharon Jeevarathenam, Account Clerk 
ext. 12680

 Sharon Wu
Sharon Wu, Language Technician
CELDT & Language Assessment Center 
ext. 12333
Sonja Christensen
Sonja Christensen, Teacher on Special Assignment   
ext. 12225
Sue Kessler
Sue Kessler, Program Manager
CELDT & Language Assessment Center
GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design)
Proposition 49: 
  After School Education & Safety Program 
Native American Program 
Mandarin Immersion Program 
ext. 12319 
 Coming Soon
TBD, Community Liaison
Migrant Program

 Coming Soon

TBD, Community Liaison
Native American Program

Coming Soon  
TBD, Community Liaison
Preschool Program 
ext. 12322
 Coming Soon
TBD, Staff Secretary II
Secondary English Learner Core Support
Private Schools
Title I Program
ext. 12311 
Professional Learning Communities (PLCs)

The Department of Federal and State Programs partners and participates with all FUSD school sites and district departments in professional learning communities (PLCs) to provide equitable and significant learning opportunities to meet the educational objectives of our diverse student populations. We are committed to closing the achievement and opportunity gaps by distributing and targeting federal and state resources to make a difference where there is the greatest need. 

Through the PLC process, stakeholders focus on student learning to ensure that all students are provided with enriched and accelerated educational programs to meet their individual learning goals.  Using the questions below as our guide, we are able to continuously evaluate the effectiveness of our programs and make adjustments to support our students.

1.         What is it we want our students to learn? 

2.         How will we know if each student has learned it?

3.         How will we respond when some students do not learn it? (Intervention)

4.         How can we extend and enrich the learning for students who have demonstrated proficiency?
Last Modified on March 14, 2017