District Opportunities for Parent Volunteers
Listed below are a number of opportunities for parents to become involved in volunteer activities. The list is a work in progress. 

Financial Advisory Committee (FAC); Advises the Board of Education on a broad range of financial matters. The Board appoints new members as needed in November for two-year terms beginning in January. Financial experience desired but not required. For further information and application form, call Virgina Wong, FAC administrative assistant, 657-2350, ext. 17705.

Parent Representative Advisory Assembly (PRAA); Elected Representatives from all schools meeting monthly to advise Board of Education on issues of concern to constituent parents. Contact Becky Galloway  at 659-2542.

Native American Studies Program Parent Advisory Committee (PAC); Native American parents meeting every second Tuesday at Irvington High School. Contact Native American Studies Program Coordinator at 252-0575.

District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC); Parent representatives from school site English Learner Advisory Committees. Advises District on District Master Plan for English Learners.

Special Education Advisory Committee; Call 657-2350, ext 12609.

Secondary Schools' Textbook Adoption Committee: Parents may review high school textbooks up for adoption at the IMC office at the District.  Through their school, parents are given an opportunity to be part of this committee. Call 657-2350, ext. 12200.

Title VI Committee; Meets twice a year to advise library/media staff on use of federal funds to purchase books and other instructional materials. Call 657-2350, ext. 12200.

District Library Plan Committee; Meets twice a year to review library plan; Call 657-2350, ext. 12200.

The Gifted in Fremont (TGIF), Parent advocacy group for gifted students. Open to all parents. Contact Julie Williams at 659-2525.

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Parent Committee, Works with school and District staff to ensure parent participation in planning and evaluation of GATE program. Contact Julie Williams at 659-2525.