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Mission Valley ROP

Syllabus 2011-2012

Course Title: Business Ownership

Course Code/ Section #: TMSA

Units of Credit: 10 units; 5 units each Semester

Instructor Name: Mr. Marsh

Location/ Room #: American High School, Room 401

Office Hours: 7:30 – 8:00am Monday-Friday, or lunchtime by appointment

Contact Info: gmarsh@fremont.k12.ca.us

Course Description and Goals:


Students completing the Business Ownership Class will learn the basic principles in owning and operating a business, creating a business plan and become familiar with business math and general accounting principles.  Essential components of this course include math as related to business operations, income and financial statements, consumer finance and credit, and merchandising and marketing.  In addition, students will acquire leadership, computer and communication skills to assist them in being responsible young adults in their community, the workforce and school.


Enrollment and participation in the American High School Chapter of DECA, (an association of marketing students,) is highly encouraged as students will gain skills to enhance their self confidence and business acumen by participating in career development, leadership and competitive conferences.  Annual fees are $20.00 for local, state and national membership. DECA membership is optional and not required to successfully complete the class.


Mission Valley ROP is pleased to accept cash donations that will provide enhanced learning opportunities for students beyond their customary curriculum needs.  Donations are voluntary, but much appreciated.  Donation contribution is not a requirement for participating in any Mission Valley ROP educational activity.

If you would like to contribute, we are accepting donations in the amount of $15.  Donations will be used for the following: consumable media, paper, ink, etc.  Checks may be made payable to Mission Valley ROP.  A receipt will be given to the student for their donation.



Supplies Needed For Each Student:

·        Pen or pencil

·        College Ruled Note Book 8.5” x 11”

·        Three ring binder

·        Five, 3 ring Sheet Protectors for portfolio

·        Calculator

·        2 Gig or larger USB flash drive (recommended)




Assignment Schedule:

All course assignments and project due dates will be posted on the classroom whiteboard, and/or on the project handouts to insure all deadlines are met.


Grading Policy:

Grading is based on student completion of all assignments, presentations, portfolios, quizzes, tests, attendance, classroom participation and behavior. Students’ final grade in the course will be based on the following:

·        Attendance/Participation               25%

·        Class work/Homework                  25%

·        Projects and Quizzes                    25%

·        Tests                                             25%

After the numerical percentage has been determined, the letter grade will be calculated as:

·        A - 90-100% of the total percentage points

·        B - 80-89% of the total percentage points

·        C - 70-79% of the total percentage points

·        D - 60-69% of the total percentage points

·        F - 59% or below – no credit


Attendance Policy:

Mission Valley ROP’s mission is to prepare students for employment, and career preparation via post-secondary educational opportunities.  Just as in business and industry, where employees are expected to show up on time every day, Mission Valley ROP students are expected to be on time for classes every day.

Make up assignments will be given for excused absences only, which include medical, legal or bereavement circumstances.  Failure to complete make up assignments will adversely affect your grade.  If you are tardy or miss a Mission Valley ROP class multiple times, you will lose units of credit and your grade will be adversely affected.  Be advised that credits are earned by attendance only and cannot be made up.

Students must arrive on time to class. Talking on a cell phone or having personal conversation outside the class is unproductive and will be considered a tardy.  Tardiness reduces instructional time and is disruptive to the classroom.  Tardies may prevent the student from receiving a course certificate. Three tardies equal one absence.

Perfect attendance certificates will only be issued to students who have no absences.





MVROP Policies and Procedures of the Classroom:

Mission Valley ROP is committed to preparing students for the workforce.  This preparation includes technical skills as well as business ethics.  Mission Valley ROP does not condone cheating.  Any student caught cheating on an exam or copying work from other students will be given one warning and a failing grade on that assignment.  Any subsequent incident will result in termination from his/her Mission Valley ROP program, a failing grade, and loss of credits.

No material or artwork glamorizing gangs, alcohol or drugs will be permitted. No offensive, explicit or harassing material will be permitted. Students violating this policy will receive one warning.  Any subsequent incident may result in termination from program.

Students completing this course with a grade of “C” or better will receive a Mission Valley ROP Certificate of Completion listing competencies achieved in the course.

Classroom Rules:

·        Arrive on time and ready to work every day. Points will be deducted for tardiness.

·        No caps, hats or hoods worn in the classroom at any time.

·        No food or drinks (with the exception of water in clear plastic bottles) allowed in the classroom.

·        No swearing, vulgar gestures or offensive material at any time.

·        Everyone will treat each other with respect in the class.

·        Cell phones, pagers, or other electronic devices are not permitted in class.

·        Access to the Internet ONLY with instructor’s permission and ONLY for school work.



Please complete information below, sign and return this page to Mr. Marsh.


I have read the Business Ownership syllabus and understand and agree to the terms, class rules and course guidelines.







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