Attendance Areas
An attendance area is a geographic designation that includes a high school, a junior high school, and several elementary schools. Fremont is divided into five attendance areas whose boundaries are drawn in an attempt to equalize the enrollment at each of the area schools. The five attendance areas are named after the high school of the area.
American (SL) Irvington Kennedy Mission Washington
Jr. High Thornton Horner Walters Hopkins (SL) Centerville

Elementary Ardenwood Green Azevada Chadbourne Cabrillo

Brookvale Grimmer Blacow Gomes Glenmoor

Forest Park Hirsch Brier Mission San Jose Maloney

Oliveira Leitch Durham Mission Valley Niles

Patterson Warm Springs Mattos

Warwick Weibel Millard
Vallejo Mill

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If you have questions about an attendance area, please contact Student Support Services at (510) 657-2350
ANONYMOUS Residency Reporting Tip Line (pdf - 3/6/08) - Fremont Unified School District is committed to providing high quality education to all Fremont residents. In order to ensure that all FUSD students can attend the school closest to their place of residence, FUSD is tightening the proof of residency process. We have been and will continue to closely examine all forms of residency verification. When needed, an investigation will be conducted to guarantee the authenticity of student residency. If you believe someone is falsifying his or her residency, please call the ANONYMOUS Residency Reporting Tip Line. 510-659-2550