Letters of Recommendation  type
Many private colleges and scholarships require that you submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher and/or counselor or in some cases a community member as part of the application process. We limit Letters of Recommendation for this purpose. For the counselor recommendation, plan to meet with your counselor well in advance of application deadlines. Students applying to private colleges must submit a Student Profile (See link below; also available in Counseling Office or Career Center) and Secondary School Reports (page from application packet that counselor completes) to their counselor at least three weeks prior to  application deadline.  Meeting with the counselor even sooner will allow the Counseling Office to prepare thorough information about the applicant.  (Please note: Winter break, holiday periods and weekends will NOT be counted as part of the three week minimum requirement).
Use this link to complete your
Student Profile for Letters of Recommendation:
Complete the Student Profile form for Letters of Recommendation 
and print a copy when you are finished.
(Warning: you cannot save this document so complete and print!)
Mailed Applications:
For colleges and scholarships that require applications to be sent through the mail, students must provide addressed envelopes and sufficient postage for application materials to be sent.  Two stamps are required for each envelope.
Common Application Online:
Many private colleges use the Common App online and others use Send.edu. Follow directions within their application procedures to have your recommendation request sent to your selected teachers and counselor. Your counselor must also receive the Secondary School Report online through the Common App or Send.edu. Please note: Although WHS uses Naviance for college and career exploration, we do NOT submit transcripts through Naviance; we submit the transcript through Common App online and there is no fee for this service.