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School Hours
TK - 11:50 - 3:10
K 8:30 - 11:50
Grades 1st  - 6th  8:30 - 2:50
1:00PM Early Dismissal on all Wednesdays for Grades 1st - 6th  
New Principal Announced
Welcome Mrs. Clara Lee! The Harvey Green Community is excited to work with you. Mrs. Lee was Assistant Principal at Warwick Elementary School.  
Important Dates to Remember 
August 26 8:30 - 1:00 First Day of School 
August 27 8:30 - 1:00
August 28 8:30 - 1:00 
New Student Enrollment
New students to the Fremont School District need to enroll for school. This is done through the school district. Please click here for detailed information on how to enroll your student for next school year.    
FUSD First day of School Policy 
At its May 6th meeting, the Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) Board of Education approved a revision to its Board Policy regarding reassignment of students following cases of extended absences.

The revised policy states students must be in class the first day of school (August 26, 2015) or risk losing their space at their assigned school. If the student is not in class the first day of school, the student may be transferred to another site on the second day of school if classrooms at the original school are full. This change will not apply to students who are ill if the child’s parent/guardian informs the school. Previous Board Policy allowed for three days of absences before students risked losing space at their assigned school.  

The revision in policy will allow FUSD to respond to issues of overcrowding more efficiently and minimize cases of students being forced to switch schools during the first week of the school year. The change will also assist school staff in avoiding unnecessary time and phone calls tracking down students and families who may no longer be living in the District.

Notice to parents about the revision and procedures relating to reassignment of students will be sent in writing to parents at the beginning of the school year. Parents/Guardians of new students to FUSD will receive a copy of the notice at the time of enrollment. Notice of the policy will also be included in school newsletters at the beginning and end of every school year. Contact FUSD Student Support Services at 510-657-2350 for more information.

 Voluntary School Supply Lists 
 Click on the grade level link for list
 TK - $15 donation requested
 Kindergarten $15 donation requested


Lunch is $3.00 (which includes milk) or milk only for 50¢.  Checks for school lunches must be made out to Green CNS  and contain the name of the child and the child's room number.  The lunch menu can be found under the quicklinks on the left under lunch menu.
Google Groups: If you wish to be on the google groups for Harvey Green and have not been added yet, please contact the school office or email to be added to the group. 

CASH FOR CLASS:  If you shop at the Fremont Hub, please submit your receipts by May 21, 2015.  The school collects the receipts and turns them in for points. The more receipts we collect the better are chances of getting more money at the end of the school year. You may collect receipts from friends, family and neighbors. 
Understanding your Student's Score
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