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Forest Park: A Safe Place to Learn
In accordance with FUSD policy, all of our 1st-6th grade students receive training aimed to prevent bullying, and all of our 4th-6th graders have received additional training on preventing sexual harassment. The presentations used for the trainings are posted below for your reference.
The Kids Against Bullying website is a great resource for students and families.
More resources are available on the FUSD website under the Parents & Students tab.

Forest Park Campus Security
In order to ensure student safety and focus on student learning, all adults visiting campus must check in at the office before entering campus. Please do not enter the buildings or come onto the blacktop without checking in at the office.
Wolverine Ready, Set, Recycle Challenge!

Forest Park is taking on the challenge of disposing of our lunch waste properly to improve our world by protecting the environment. Students are engaging in the 4S's to promote the 4R's (Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Rot.)
Sort your lunch waste at your table: Separate landfill trash, recycling, and compost.
Stand in line: Wait your turn to dispose of your lunch waste in the proper bins.
Stash your lunch waste in the proper bin: Put your lunch waste in its place!
Stack your tray or unopened items: Place your tray or unopened items on the cart neatly.





  • Student Health: Concussions

    Please click the following link to read important information about brain concussions.
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  • Paying for School Lunches
    For directions on paying for school lunches either online or at Forest Park, please click here.
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