Dear Parents,
FUSD values your opinion.

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 Dear Chadbourne Families,

Time is flying and Fall is in the air!  As November arrives, it marks the beginning of many delightful occasions for family and friends to get together.  It is also a time to count our blessings and be grateful for what we have and the relationships that keep us balanced. With this month also comes Parent Conferences at which time report cards will be distributed and discussed and many will enjoy a week's rest for Thanksgiving.  Lots of information will be discussed in a relatively short period of time.  Be sure you come away from the conference with a clear idea of your child’s progress – their strengths and the areas to work on.  Chadbourne provides a rigorous academic program at every grade level based on California State Standards. 

   Parents – teachers – and students all play an important role in academic success.  Follow your child’s progress during the year by reviewing their homework each night and looking over the assignments and papers that they bring home in the Tuesday Folder.   Keep in touch with the teacher when you have questions and concerns.  

   Thanks again to the many parent volunteers who are now helping to keep our lunch area and playground safer, helping to keep our kids safe doing Safety Patrol, helping in our classrooms, accompanying our students on fieldtrips, taking on leadership roles for events to make school fun, supporting us financially, and on and on.  it’s a pleasure to see some new faces. 

   During this time of thanks and giving let’s try and remember to be thankful for what we have and not focus on what we don't have.  And, that we receive in order that we might be able to give to others. 


Best regards,

Anette Raichbart, Principal