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 A public hearing will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, February 11, 2015, at Fremont Unified School District, 4210 Technology Drive, Fremont, California.

 The Fremont Unified School District governing board will request a two-year renewal of a general waiver from the State Board of Education regarding the Open Enrollment Act, which has identified Cabrillo Elementary School as one of the 1,000 low-achieving schools in California. Cabrillo School has an average of 811 academic performance index (API).   The waiver approval will allow Cabrillo Elementary School to be taken off this list for two years.

Cabrillo visitors,

Student safety is our number one concern.  In an effort to ensure a safe environment for our students, ALL VISITORS MUST CHECK IN AT THE OFFICE, SIGN IN, AND WEAR A VISITOR’S BADGE WHILE ON CAMPUS.   Please do not sign out ahead of time. This is for your safety.  All staff is trained to question any adult they see on campus during school hours without a visitor’s badge.  This is for the protection of your student.  Please help us keep our children safe by following these guidelines.

 Parents are to bring lunches to the office labeled with student's names. Students are not allowed to pick up lunch from persons in a car including parents.
 Students are not to approach cars during the school day, even if the person in the car is a family member.  Parents and family members (listed on the emergency card) who want to speak to their child must report to the office. 
 Next Generations Science Standards (NGSS) and the Upcoming CST (STAR) Standards Test
On September 4, 2013, the State Board of Education (SBE) adopted the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) for California Public Schools, Kindergarten through Grade Twelve. Because these standards require significant changes in science instruction, full implementation of NGSS is planned to occur over several years. Full implementation is not expected until the 2016-17 school year.
However, per Assembly Bill 484 (2013), California students will continue to be assessed in grades 5, 8, and 10 based on the 1998 California Science Standards. Because teachers are transitioning their teaching practices to align with NGSS, there may not be total alignment with the California Standards Tests which are based on the 1998 standards. Although we do not expect significant differences, this discrepancy may affect CST scores. This does not mean that our students are any less proficient in science then they used to be. It simply means that teachers are transitioning to the more rigorous NGSS standards and will not cover all of the same content from the 1998 standards.
Dear Cabrillo Families, 
Please join our effort in making Cabrillo a No Bulling/No Name Calling School.  Cabrillo’s students have participated in an anti- bulling assembly and most students have signed The Power of One Bully Prevention Oath: I will not bully others. I will not stand while others are bullied. I will report and deal with bullying whenever I see it because I have The Power of One. 
What do I do If my child is bullying others?  
  •        Make it clear to your child that you take bullying seriously and that you will not tolerate this behavior.
  •         Develop clear and consistent rules within your family for your children’s behavior.  Praise and reinforce your children for following rules and use non- physical, non- hostile consequences for rule violations.
  •        Spend more time with your child and carefully supervise and monitor his or her activities. Find out who your child’s friend is and how and where they spend free time.
  •        Build on your child’ talents by encouraging him or her to get involved in prosocial activities (such as clubs, music lessons, nonviolent sports).
  •        Share our concerns with your child’s teacher and work together to send clear messages on your child that his or her bullying must stop.
  •        If you or your child needs additional help, talk with Cabrillo’s school counselor or mental health professional. 

 Another way to stop bullying is to teach children to be understanding and compassionate by doing Random Acts of Kindness at school and at home :

1.      Collect food and canned foods for a food bank.

2.      Hang out with a new student at school.

3.      Donate toys to charity.

4.      Surprise family members with a nice note.

5.      Add your own ideas :

Thank you for your  support.




  • Reservation Forms 2015 

    These will be MAILED home February 9 to all students currently in TK – 5th grade. You will need to provide 2 proofs of residency (details are on the reservation form).Returning the completed Reservation Form along with the required residency verification is the only way to reserve your child’s space at Cabrillo for 2015-2016  school year.


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  • MOVING???? 

    It is the responsibility of parents to notify the school within 5 days if they move.  Failure to notify the school is considered falsification and will result in revocation of the student’s placement in his/her school.
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  • Apply for FUSD Preschool
    Do you have a 3 or 4 year old at home? Gift your child the gift of a quality preschool experience and preparation for kindergarten and beyond. Fremont Unified School District's State Preschool Program is free for income-eligible families. Call FUSD Preschool office at 659-2579 for more information or come by the district office at 4210 Technology Drive, Room 209, and pick up an application.
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               distinguished school      
    A 2010 California Distinguished School 

February 3- March 17

ONLINE priority enrollment begins for all other new TK-K students.

February 9

School Reservation Forms will be sent home to parents for continuing students returning for the 2015-2016 school year. Deadline to return these forms is March  2.

March 18 – Ongoing

Enrollment for all new Transitional Kindergarten-6th grade students

March 31 & April 1

Kindergarten Lottery  

April 20 – May 1

  • Intra-District Transfers for Continuing students. Pick up and complete.
  • Inter-District Transfers for Continuing students.

May 4-May 7

Parents apply for Open Enrollment Lottery at home school.

May 11-27

Intra-District Transfers for NEW students

July 20 – August 7

Incoming Inter-District Transfers for NEW students

A detailed Enrollment Timeline can be found on the home page for Fremont Unified School District under QUICK LINKS “Enrollment”