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    We use the website to share information and pictures with the families of our students. Oliveira staff are dedicated to challenging and helping your children grow, learn and become the best possible student they can be for future success. Our Vision is for your child’s success…. because they are worth it!  

    Mr. Squibb
    "A Great Eagles Power Makes Strong A Warriors Heart." 
    Chris Navarro 


    Back to School on November 30th

    Voting for Uniform Dress Policy for 16-17 School Year:
    Each Parent/Guardian will receive one ballot to vote on the policy at their Parent/Teacher Conference.

    Every Wednesday throughout the year all students are dismissed at 1:10pm.



    The Oliveira community aims at keeping all students and person's safe. Therefore ALL visitors coming onto campus must follow these few simple steps.

    1. Pre-arrange a date and time to visit campus through your child's  teacher or administrator. ALL visitors and guests, MUST have a pre-authorized purpose to be on campus during school hours.
    2. Check into the office top sign-in and collect a badge. Your badge MUST be worn on your upper torso in clear view for everyone to see at all times.
    3. Then proceed to your pre-arranged destination.
    4. Once your scheduled visit is complete, please proceed to the office and sign-out
    5. Please support campus safety by keeping off campus grounds when students are at lunch, and recess.
    6. ALL Restrooms on campus are for students ONLY! If you need a restroom please go to the office. 



    Noon Duty Supervisors work a paid 1.5 hours per day helping students with lunchtime routines, playground games, and supporting student safety.  If interested, please pick up a hiring form from the front office. 


    Provide a challenging learning environment that holds high expectations for all students through developmentally appropriate instruction while allowing for individual differences and learning styles



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