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 Thanks to Irvington High School students and their community service for supporting Oliveira in producing this mural. Oliveir
Check out our Mural!!
October is here and along comes Autumn/Fall.  There is much to celebrate at Oliveira, and much to be grateful for. It is hard to believe that the leaves have changed from the dry greens and browns of summer to the beginnings of red, gold, and yellows of fall.  Along with the change in season, we begin to transition into the end of the first trimester. I sincerely thank everyone for all the hard work and energy you put into our Oliveira community, from teachers, office staff, custodians, paras, cafeteria staff, librarian, noon duty supervisors, and all the volunteers that support our dress code closet, valet, year book, PTA, and many other community members who support us on a daily basis.
When visitors walk through our campus, they see children learning, working, smiling and laughing. Test scores have now become a way of life in the world of education, but it's vital that we not lose the wonderful moments and memories that happen each and every day. Those memories are because of you and your dedication to the Oliveira Community.
Administrators and teachers everywhere recognize the important contributions parents make toward a child’s success in school.  There is no question about it - success at school begins at home.  Parents are the single most important variable in a child’s schooling.  Parents model both a silent and spoken language in front of their children daily.

Please come and visit Oliveira to find out one of the many ways you can support the growth of all Oliveira students as a volunteer.

Ian Squibb

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Eagles Get Ready to Recycle!

Along with our partner school Forest Park. Oliveira Eagles are also ready to take the same challenge of disposing our lunch waste properly to erase some of our footprints on our environment. Students are practicing the 4S's to promote the 4R's (Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. Rot.)
Sort your lunch waste at your table: Separate landfill trash, recycling, and compost.
Stand in line: Wait your turn to dispose of your lunch waste in the proper marked bins.
Stash your lunch waste in the proper bin: Put your lunch waste in its place!
Stack your tray or unopened items: Place your tray or unopened items on the cart neatly.

Visit,  to learn more fun ways to help our environment.



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  • Fremont Unified School District Adopts New Math Programs

    On May 7, 2014, the Fremont Board of Education unanimously voted to adopt new math programs for grades kindergarten through eight.  Numerous math programs were evaluated by the Fremont USD 2014 Math Adoption Committee.  Over 60 teachers and administrators worked collaboratively, over a series of meetings spanning two months, to evaluate potential texts in the areas of:  assessment, alignment to the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS), the digital component, supports for English learners, students with disabilities and instruction in higher mathematics. Community input was also solicited.  Based on the findings from the evaluation, the programs that best fit the needs for the students of Fremont Unified School District are:

    ·        Math Expressions ((2105) by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for grades K-5, and

    ·        Springboard Math (2014) by the College Board for grades 6-8

    All teachers will receive professional development in the summer to help prepare them for the new adoption.  All student texts are consumable which will result in a lighter load in backpacks.  Families will receive digital access codes to the student online component in the fall.  

    Algebra 1 is under review and the final recommendation will be presented to the Board of Education in July. 

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