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Mission Valley is Green!
Our monthly Parent Bulletins are no longer being sent home with students. They will be emailed to all parents. You can also check this website for updated information. 
Here is our latest bulletin: October Parent Bulletin
You can access past newsletters on this site under "Calendars & News". In our News section, you will also find a version of the newsletter that can be translated by the website into many languages. Monthly newsletters are also posted on the bulletin board outside the office and hard copies are available on the rack in the office.
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Fremont Education Foundation Run for Education

 The Fremont Education Foundation (FEF) Fun Run is happening on October 25, 2015 at Niles Elementary. The Fremont Education Foundation supports our after school band program and our basketball program. For more information and to register go to:

Schools with the most participation can win grant money.
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Time Capsule Flyer  
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California English Language Development Test (CELDT) 2015-2016 
The State of California mandates that the California English Language Development Test (CELDT) be given to students who speak another language when they first enter a California public school.  This test identifies students who are English learners (limited in English proficiency) so that schools may immediately provide appropriate instruction to meet their needs. The CELDT must also be given to all English learners every year to monitor their progress in learning English and to help evaluate the programs they receive.  The test has four parts:  Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.  For the 2015/2016 school year, Fremont Unified will be giving this test starting October 1 until October 31, 2015.  Additionally, we found some students who were never initially tested upon registration.  These students will also

be tested during this time frame.  If you have any questions about the test, please call Federal

and State Programs at (510) 659-2531. 


Examen de Desarrollo del Idioma Inglés de California (CELDT) 2015/2016
El Estado de California ordena que todos los estudiantes que hablan otro idioma cuando se inscriben por primera vez en una escuela pública de California tomen el Examen de Desarrollo del Idioma Inglés de California (CELDT).  Este examen identifica a los Estudiantes de Inglés (dominio limitado de inglés) para que las escuelas puedan proporcionar inmediatamente la instrucción adecuada para cumplir con sus necesidades.  El CELDT debe también darse a todos los Estudiantes de Inglés cada año para supervisar su progreso en su aprendizaje del Inglés y para evaluar los programas que reciben.  El examen incluye cuatro partes:  Escuchar, Expresión Oral, Lectura y Escritura.  Para el año escolar 2015/2016, el

Distrito Escolar Unificado de Fremont proporcionará este examen comenzando el 1º de octubre hasta el 31 de octubre de 2015.  Además, encontramos algunos estudiantes que inicialmente nunca tomaron el examen cuando se inscribieron.  Dichos estudiantes también tomarán el examen durante este periodo.  Si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el examen, por favor comuníquese al Departamento de Programas Federales y Estales al (510) 659-2531.


 加州英語發展測試  (CELDT) 2015/2016 

加州政府規定在初學語言時說非英語的學生在首次進入加州公立學校時必須接受加州英語 發展測試(CELDT)。此測試用於辨別英語學習者(即英語程度有限者),以便學校立即安排符合他們需要的課程。英語學習者必須每年複考加州英語發展測試,籍以審查他們在英語 學習上的進度,幷幫助評估他們所接受的教育方案。此測試包括四部分:聽,說,讀,寫。在2015/2016 學年中,菲利蒙聯合學區(FUSD)將從2015年10月1日至2016年10月31日 進行此测試。另外,我們亦會讓在初次入學註冊時沒參加此考試的學生同時接受此測試。如果您有任何有關此測驗的疑問,請致電給聯邦和各州項目部門,電話是(510)659-2531。

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2015-16 Enrollment Information
 Enrollment for children with siblings in grades TK-5 at Mission Valley:
Priority registration begins on January 7. Packets will be available in the office to pick up from January 7 - 14. At the time of packet pick up, you will be given an appointment to come back to the office and enroll your child.  Sibling priority enrollment appointments will take place until January 21.
Enrollment for new students (students without siblings in TK-5 at Mission Valley or siblings who missed the priority period):
Online enrollment begins on February 3. Enrollment during this period is done through the district office.
Enrollment questions?
You can also visit the district's enrollment webpage for more information by clicking here: 
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 A Few Important Contacts...
Main Phone Number: 510-656-2000

Fax Number: 510-226-7056

Attendance Line:
(510) 656-2000 ext. 34175
Principal: Mike Pappas

Secretary: Cara Madden-Watson   
(510) 656-2000 ext. 34174
Attendance Clerk: Chris Richardson
(510) 656-2000 ext. 34173
Lunch Account Information: Cecelia Sjah 
(510) 656-2000 ext. 34182


    The speed limit on school grounds (in our driveway and in the parking lot) is 5 miles per hour. The speed limit on our surrounding residential streets is 25 miles per hour. Please remember to observe these speed limits when you are driving your children to and from school.
    Remember also that areas in front of cones and red curbs are NO PARKING ZONES. Please find a legal place to park that does not block staff and handicap access to the parking lot.
    We appreciate your continued commitment to safe driving. We want to make sure that our community is a safe place for our Mission Valley students and neighbors.
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  • LOST and FOUND:
    Lost and found items can be found on the rack behind the school office.
    Lost and found items will be donated at the end of each month - please be sure to check for lost items on a regular basis.
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  • Regular School Hours are as follows:

    Early Kindergarten               8:30 – 11:50 
    Late Kindergarten              10:10    1:30

    Grades 1 – 3         8:30 to 2:50

    Grades 4 – 6         8:20 to 2:50 

    Dismissal is at 1:10 pm EVERY Wednesday for Grades 1 thru 6


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