• Info IconInfo - Reminder - No School Monday, May 30th, in Observance of Memorial Day.

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  • Mission Valley is Green!


    Our monthly Parent Bulletins are no longer being sent home with students. They will be emailed to all parents. You can also check this website for updated information.  

    Here is our latest: May 2016

    You can access past newsletters on this site under "Calendars & News". In our News section, you will also find a version of the newsletter in Chinese. Monthly newsletters are also posted on the bulletin board outside the office and hard copies are available on the rack in the office.



    If your student has required medication or health services at school this year, all medication and medical supplies must be picked up from the school office on the last day of school!  Medications must be picked up by a parent or guardian unless your student is authorized (current contract on file) to self-carry his/her medication.

    If your student is attending summer school the medication (to include the doctor’s order) must be picked up the last day of school. Then it needs to be taken to the summer school site on the first day of summer school by the parent/guardian.  Please make sure the medication does not expire prior to July 31, 2016.

    On the last day of summer school, the student’s medication must be picked up by the parent/guardian at the summer school site.

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  • SAVE THE DATE: Maze Day 

    Mission Valley will be holding it’s first Maze Day this August! The purpose of MAZE Days is for the parents to turn in all their necessary Emergency Paperwork prior to school starting so we can prepare for your child to attend Mission Valley.  For confidentiality reasons, class lists will no longer be posted—the only way to get your child’s classroom assignment is to come to Maze Day with all the necessary documents. Maze Day will take place in the MUR on Tuesday, August 30 and the time you will come is based on your child’s last name:

    8:30 - 10am:          A - F                            

    10-11:30am:              G - L

    12:45 - 1:45pm:     M - R                              

    1:45 - 2:45pm:          S - Z


    Please note that we will not take any paperwork or give out classroom assignments outside of your scheduled time, so please schedule your vacation and work plans around your scheduled date and time. You will receive all the Maze Day forms via US Mail in mid-August so that you can fill them out prior to coming to Maze Day.

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  • Parent Application for Student Placement

    Student placement in a particular class is a complex process with many variables. The following criteria are used in order to accomplish the placement of students and balanced classes: 1))Achievement, 2)Behavior, 3)Second Language Learners, 4)Special Needs. Parental input in this process is also valued. You may mish to describe your child’s specific educational needs by completing a Parent Applications for Student Placement. These forms are now available in the office.

    Applications must be returned to the school office by 3pm Friday, May 27th. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please note that you may not request a specific teacher.

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  • Congratulations to Mr. Rivera! He won the Gold Award for Outstanding Educator of the Year from Alcosta CTA! We are so lucky to have him as part of our Mission Valley family!

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  • Important Notice About Attendance on the First Day of School for 2016-17

    The 2016-2017 School Year begins on Wednesday, August 31st, 2016.  All students are expected to report to school on the first day, Wednesday, August 31st, 2016, unless they are ill.  Students who have not attended the first day of school may be transferred to another school effective the second day of school if classrooms at the school of original enrollment are filled.   Parents must call in their child’s absence and notify the school that their child is ill in order to save their seat.  Seats will not be held for students on extended vacations or other optional activities, whether or not the school is notified.





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  • 2016-17 Kinder Schedule:

    Kinder AM:  8:30am-11:50am

    Kinder PM: 11:30am - 2:50pm (9:50am - 1:10pm on Wednesdays)


    We will post which kinders are in the AM class and which kinders are in the PM class after June 20,2016 in the bulletin board outside of the office. Classroom assignments will be given out on Maze Day. Please read the article about Maze Day for more details.

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  • Regular School Hours

    Early Kindergarten               8:30 – 11:50 

    Grades 1 – 3                8:35 to 2:50
    Grades 4 – 6                       8:20 to 2:50 

    Dismissal 1:10 pm EVERY Wednesday for Grades 1 thru 6


    Office Hours are 8am - 4pm 

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    The speed limit on school grounds (in our driveway and in the parking lot) is 5 miles per hour. The speed limit on our surrounding residential streets is 25 miles per hour. Please remember to observe these speed limits when you are driving your children to and from school.
    Remember also that areas in front of cones and red curbs are NO PARKING ZONES. Please find a legal place to park that does not block staff and handicap access to the parking lot.
    We appreciate your continued commitment to safe driving. We want to make sure that our community is a safe place for our Mission Valley students and neighbors.
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  • LOST and FOUND:
    Items can be found on the rack behind the school office.
    Lost and found items will be donated at the end of each month - please be sure to check for lost items on a regular basis. 
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  • caaspp CAASPP:  The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress

    More Information on District Site

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