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Preparing Students to Excel

mustang Steven Millard Elementary School is located in Fremont, CA and is one of 41 schools in Fremont Unified School District. It is a public school that serves approximately 600 students in grades K-6. Millard Elementary staff, students, and parents are committed to preparing all students to excel socially, emotionally, and academically. The entire staff is proud of the achievements of our diverse population. Our students perform very well academically as demonstrated by our last state Academic Performance Index (API) score of 890 out of 1000.   Our staff works as a cohesive and committed team to ensure high academic achievement and excellent behavior. We have a very active parent community and invite all of our parents to become involved with us in their children's success.​
Principal's Message

Dear Millard Families & Friends, 

   This past year at Millard has been one of excellence in the quality of educational experiences for our students.  Our outstanding school programs and dedicated staff continue to make our school shine.  This past year has been another year full of accomplishments.  As the year draws to a close, I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the students, staff and parents at Millard. 

   Thank you for your wondrous support of Millard and all the children we serve.

   Thank you for demonstrating to your child how important school is by taking the time off from your important work and busy schedule to volunteer.

   Thank you for making our jobs easier by your sharing of your time, talents and resources.

   Thank you for wonderful words of encouragement to your child and to us.

   Thank you for understanding when things are busy on our end and for communicating when things are busy on your end.

   Thank you for investing in your child’s future.

   Thank you for being a partner in instilling a love of learning that will hopefully be a part of your child throughout their life.

   Most of all, thank you for sending us your incredible child to work with every day!  Not many people can say that they look forward to coming to work each morning.  Our awesome students have kept us going, to see how they will respond to a story or a new idea, to watch them interact with each other, to see concepts take root and imaginations blossom.  The amazing progress and changes we have seen in your child throughout the year could not have happened without your immense help.


Karen Robertson