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Grades 1 - 6 Schedule for August 26, 27 & 28
Grades 1 - 3   8:30am - 1:14pm 
Grades 4 - 6   8:30am - 1:29pm 
Kindergarten Schedule for August 26, 27 & 28   - Error on Postcard
Kindergarten AM   8:15am - 11:40am
Kindergarten PM   11:11am - 2:31pm 


On May 6, 2015 the Board of Education approved a change in Board Policy 5113.1, Reassignment of Students:

 Students must be in class the first school day, except for those students who are ill. If the student

is not in class the first day of school, s/he may be transferred to another school effective the

second day of school if classrooms at the school of original enrollment are filled.”

Understanding your Student's Score
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    Hirsch is Going Green!  
    With over 540 students at Hirsch, we use 1000s of papers just for the newsletter.  Starting this school year, please make it a habit the check the "Newsletter" link on the school website to view the monthly newsletters.  They will be posted by the 1st of the month.  A few copies will also be available in the office.
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    Regular School Hours:
    Grades 1 through 3 - 8:30am to 2:31pm 
    Grades 4 through 6 - 8:30am to 2:46pm 
    Kindergarten AM 8:20 am - 11:40am (Monday through Friday)
    Kindergarten PM 11:11am - 2:31pm (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) and 8:20am to 11:40am (Wednesday)
    EVERY WEDNESDAY is early dismissal for Grades 1 through 6.  
    Grades 1 through 3 are dismissed at 1:14pm
    Grades 4 through 6 are dismissed at 1:29pm
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    Find Out What's Happening:
    Join our Yahoo! Group at: group/hirsch_bulldogs
    or click on the PTA tab and then the Yahoo! Group button on the page.
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